The fishing in and around Jackson Hole is some of the best in the country. There are options for beginners to expert anglers, fishing in all 4 seasons, hike-in fishing and drift boat fishing options, and rivers that offer everything from beautiful native cutthroat trout to trophy sized rainbow and brown trout. The one unifying theme of our rivers is a beautiful backdrop and wildlife wherever you look. We practice catch-and-release fishing to ensure that these special rivers remain fertile for centuries to come and believe in minimizing our impact on the natural and scenic beauty of all the places we visit. Contact Us to book the perfect trip for you!


The iconic Snake winds it's way through the Northwestern U.S. for 1000 miles before its confluence with the Columbia River. Our local stretch near the headwaters is full of native Snake River fine-spotted cutthroat trout, a cutthroat sub-species famous for eating dry flies. Days on the Snake are spent fishing from the comfort of a drift boat while floating along the base of the Teton Mountain Range. Access to this river is extremely convenient - a 15 minute drive from the center of town. The Snake typically fishes best from when it starts to warm up in March to early May, and then again from mid Summer late into the Fall, but like any river, local weather conditions and water flows will affect the resident trout from day to day. High Alpine Anglers is a licensed outfitter of the Teton County Snake River Management Plan.


The Green is a one hour (breathtakingly scenic) drive from the town of Jackson. This incredible fishery winds down from the Wind River Mountains and wide open plains of Sublette County, Wyoming. This river is smaller than the Snake, slightly more challenging and technical to fish, but anglers are often rewarded with very large rainbow and brown trout. The chance for a 30" trout is a real possibility on any given day. Typically, streamer fishing produces large fish here but the Green has some of the best dry fly action at certain times of the year as well. It usually fishes best in the Spring and then again from late June into the Fall.


Another off the beaten path fly fishing experience. This meandering river bends through miles of pastureland in Star Valley, Wyoming, about an hour away from Jackson. There are many stretches of this river to float, and few who float it. You can expect to have numerous encounters with Snake River fine spotted cutthroat trout on the Salt River (the same subspecies of cutthroat trout that inhabit the Snake River) as both rivers empty into Palisades Reservoir close to each other. The river bottom here contains more silt than other, higher gradient rivers in the area and because of this, the insect hatches can be different. We'll teach you how to match this hatch during a day on the Salt River. In the Fall, the brown trout population of the Salt increases dramatically when the resident brown trout are joined by fish migrating up from Palisades Reservoir. These fish can be monstrous and are ready to rumble.


For fly fishermen seeking large, wily cutthroat trout while fishing on foot, Flat Creek offers a unique experience in Jackson Hole. Cascading out of the Gros Ventre Mountains, it enters the meadow of the National Elk Refuge where fast pocket water gives way to slow, meandering oxbows. This section of the creek mimics a spring creek fishery and holds big fish in deep, tasty pools. The insect populations on this water are prolific and if you're on the water at the right time, the fishing can come alive. PMD and mahogany dun mayflies, craneflies, and grasshoppers are just a few of the varieties of trout food available on Flat Creek on a Summer day. When hike in fishing on a technical fishery such as this, an angler's ability to present an accurate cast and natural drift with an accurate fly imitation are extremely important. High Alpine Anglers guides are experts in this fine art and will show you the secrets of this special place.


The world's first national park is just over an hour's drive to the North of Jackson Hole. This drive is one of the most scenic routes in the country and passes by massive mountains, glaciers, and abundant wildlife along the way. Because Yellowstone is so big, we fish mostly on the waters closest to the Jackson side of the park (Lewis Lake, Snake River, Lewis River, and the Firehole River) but MANY other world class rivers can be accessed and fished during a muti-day Yellowstone fishing adventure with High Alpine Anglers. There are literally too many rivers to mention so give us a call to set up a custom Yellowstone fly fishing adventure that you'll never forget. High Alpine Anglers is an authorized permittee of Yellowstone National Park.


High Alpine Anglers has access to private spring creeks where dreams are made. Monstrous, selective trout lurk on this private water trout paradise. This is a great experience for an angler looking to catch that fish of a lifetime. *A day on these private spring creeks includes an extra $150 rod fee in addition to the daily guide fee.


The above rivers make up the majority of our waters but there are other world class fishing options depending on the time of year and the weather. Use the Contact Us page to ask about conditions or to book a trip.