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Fishing Report: 12/20/2019

After a great Fall on the Snake, the river will be low and slow for a few months. From now until we have a stretch of several warmer days in March or April, look to fish the warmest part of the day (between noon and 4pm) with midge nymphs and slooooow streamer retrieves. Midge dries can work on some of the warmest days as well but nymphs will produce fish more consistently. Look for fish in the ultra slow, deep pools of the river and the areas right next to these pools. Trout will be focused in these spots and much less spread out than they are in Spring, Summer, and Fall. For the most part, they are sticking close to these deep zones of protection and won't venture too far from them to find food when it's this cold. Your best bet is to cover some ground until you find one of these areas then nymph various levels of the water column. We offer trips through the Winter but recommend waiting till the Spring thaw!


Fly fishing guide service in Jackson Hole     Fly fishing guide service in Jackson Hole

"We had an awesome day on the Snake with Chris in September 2015 and can't wait to do it again this year. I always recommend my friends take a trip with him when they visit Jackson and they always thank me for the great time they had. He knows the river, the fish, their hidden hidey-holes, he can set anyone -- beginner to expert -- up with a fun and educational day of fishing. Do it!" - Patrick B., Boise, Idaho